Aegis Defenders

Aegis Defenders takes two popular genres, Action Platformer and Tower Defence, and combines them in a mashup that feels natural andand relative to the story it tells. Aegis Defenders puts you in the shoes of two characters, Bart and Clu, while you traverse 18 levels of platforming puzzles, and well implemented Tower Defence combat. Each of your two characters have unique abilities. Bart being a melee character, is able to knock back his enemies with his large hammer and can build turrets. Clu has ranged attacks and is able to plant mines which can either be used to damage enemies on their path during the tower defence scenes, or is used to break through rock to progress in certain areas of each level. These characters can either be swapped out on the fly, or can be controlled by two different players in split screen cooperative gameplay.

The game features gorgeous 8-bit style graphics and a soundtrack that perfectly suites the wonderous scenery and locations taking place through out the story. While traversing through each level in typical platform game fashion, you encounter a diverse number of monsters, each with their own weaknesses. Some of these enemies will take more damage from one of your characters than the other. The platform levels feature puzzles which need to be completed by utilizing each of your characters in unison, the difficulty and complexity of these puzzles will increase as the game progresses but thankfully are never too confusing or frustrating.

How the Tower Defence element of the game is implemented is where in each level the two characters find the Aegis, an ancient artefact that they attempt to protect from oncoming hordes of monsters. These monsters appear from different sides of the stage in waves, where you get some time to set up traps and turrets, andturrets. The defences can can also attack these monsters with your characters simultaneously during each wave. What can be a bit bothersome is the towntime in which each wave appears, over the duration of the first few levels it adds up to something that isn’t very enjoyable. Thankfully however, due to the increasing difficulty further on, this time is used to strategicly plan your attack and feels completely neccessary.

Between each level you are able to upgrade your characters weapons and are presented with a delightful cutscene whereby the story unfolds. As much as the story doesn’t add much to the enjoyment of Aegis Defenders it showcases the talent behind this title. Aegis Defenders is a joy to play, either by yourself or with a friend, and it really opens up the possibilities of other genres being mixed and matched in similar fashion. It’s well thought out and has enough progression to keep anyone entertained for hours. I take my hat off to the development team and hope to see it gain mainstream success.



Aegis defenders is a beautifully crafted amalgamation between classic Platform Games and Tower Defence.