In a post apocalyptic world, humans are at war with machine like monsters called Klaxosaurs. The world is a wasteland and the general populus is forced to live their lives in plantations. To combat the threat of the Klaxosaurs, children are raised for one sole purpose – piloting giant humanoid mechas called Franxx. A pair of one male and one female pilot, referred to as parasites, are needed to control a single Franxx. This is where the insanity of the show kicks in, the female pilot steers the mecha while in a position similar to riding a motorbike, and the male pilot sits behind her while holding controls attached to her posterior. No jokes – the control are, forgive the vulgarity here, on her butt.

Created by TRIGGER Studios and Hiroyuki Imaishi, names best known for shows like Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann, Darling in the Franxx is created in similar style. A mixture of expressive and emotional storytelling, a dash of lewd fan service, and one ridiculous amount of flashy fight scenes. Darling in the Franxx takes all these elements and creates a show like no other, one that has great visuals and plenty of action, while having enough backstory and depth to keep you entertained and questioning what will happen next in each episode.

Enter the protagonists of the story, a boy named Hiro, also known by his codename 016, and Zero Two, a half human half klaxosaur hybrid. These two meet by chance when Zero Two visits the plantation for the first time. Hiro is mesmerised by Zero Two on their first meet but as he tries to start a conversation, her partner shows up and takes her away. While hoping to meet her again, Hiro trains to become a parasite but during a simulated test he fails to link up with his partner resulting in failure. For seemingly unknown reasons Hiro is allowed to remain on the plantation while his partner is banished due to failure. While seeing her off a Klaxosaur appears and begins its assault. Zero Two steps in to save the day, but is knocked back resulting in the death of her partner. Unable to fight at full capacity, Hiro asks to join Zero Two in her Franxx resulting in a victory against the Klaxosaur.

Hiro wakes up from injury and questions a rumour that piloting alongside Zero Two more than three times would result in death, most likely due to her non-human nature. While this partially explains the death of her previous partner, Hiro doesn’t seem too taken back and decides to take his chances as he feels a deep connection with Zero Two. While Zero Two wants nothing more than to partner up with Hiro, even referring to him as her darling, the government in charge of the plantation, controlled by a man named Papa may have other plans for the two.

The show is shaping up to be something thrilling and I’m really hoping TRIGGER studios can keep up the momentum in the episodes to follow. Darling in the Franxx is scheduled to release 24 episodes available in simulcast at Crunchyroll every Saturday at 9:00am PST.