The Thin Silence

We all know that a great story can be all it takes to make a memorable gaming experience. Throwing aside next generation graphics and unique game mechanics, many modern games don’t have a whole lot going for them. The Thin Silence however is a true masterpiece in narrative storytelling and can only be compared to the feeling of picking up a bestselling novel.

The Thin Silence is a side scrolling puzzle game, whereby the player controls a pixel-art character in their journey through depression. The game starts off with the main character lying down in a pit of darkness, where they are surrounded by nothing other than their own self-doubt and loneliness. A ray of light shines down in the darkly lit passage and the character stands up, deciding to walk out of this slump and take on their problems head first.

If it wasn’t obvious by now, The Thin Silence is a narrative piece focusing on the difficulties we all go through in our daily lives, and the struggle some of us undergo to overcome depression and sadness. It even has an on-screen prompt at the beginning, warning the user to be aware of their mental health, and encouraging you to ask for help if you are struggling with these issues in your own life.

Walking through the different environments of the game’s 4 chapters takes around 3-5 hours to complete. While the puzzles do get challenging at times, it’s more due to the players excruciatingly slow movement. While some may be frustrated by this, it’s this very reason this mechanic was included, overcoming your problems can be painfully slow. Puzzles are presented by hack-able terminals, or environmental blockades, that require you to combine items you find together through crafting, to allow you to overcome these obstacles. While I’m generally not a fan of crafting systems this one has been well thought out, with dozens of different combinations, allowing for more than one solution to surpass the issue at hand.

The story of the game plays out through triggered flashbacks, and ghosts of the past. A constant reminder of the player’s bad choices and broken relationships. The musical score envelops this in the most perfect combination I’ve ever witnessed in a story driven game. The music is haunting with ambient sounds and echoes that are eerie enough to give you shivers down your spine.

While there isn’t much potential for replay ability, The Thin Silence is truly an experience worth going through. Whether you’ve been through depression yourself and need a reminder that you aren’t alone, or even if you haven’t been through such lows in your life but would like to understand what’s going on in other people’s minds when in this state. I whole-heartedly recommend this game and encourage you to pick it up as a portion of the profits will go to charity to help the fight against mental health and depression.



The Thin Silence tackles the hard topic of Mental Health in the most heart moving experience I’ve witnessed in years