Last Period: The Journey To The End Of The Despair

With this season of Anime being filled with some of the most action-packed shows in ages, it’s easy for many to go unnoticed and fly completely under the radar. Last Period: The Journey to the end of the despair is one of such shows.

Last Period is an Anime revolving around a party of 4 adventurers who call themselves Periods. Why they used this name is beyond me. Last Period takes place in a fantasy world, where there are hybrid animal-human beings and roaming monsters. The adventurers fight creatures called Spirals and collect rewards when completing their missions. The anime plays out as a parody of Free to Play Japanese RPG games, where quests, rewards and in game items are obtained through out missions. Summons can be called by using ‘in game currency’ and boss battles will occur from time to time. Many different video game tropes are mocked in each episode, while the premise may seem okay for a show, it’s mostly missing the plot, ultimately making for a feeble attempt at humor.

The story starts when Haru, the main character, and his other 3 party members arrive back at their base after completing a quest. They find out that their base has been looted of all its money and possessions, leading them to downscale their operations as well as lose most of the other guild members, who have joined other organisations. Haru and company need to fulfill as many quests as possible to get enough money to bring back the guild to its former state and try encourage their peers to come back.

Upon their first quest after the restructure of their organisation they encounter the series main villains, Wiseman, a group so clearly inspired by Pokémon’s Team Rocket, even having their own intro every time they reoccur throughout the show.

While the villains of an anime are usually intense, or alternatively quite mediocre only playing out a few episodes, the cast of Wiseman are more lovable than the main adventurer cast, seemingly having more depth and story behind each character. This is one of the main falling points of Last Period, the characters you are meant to form a bond with have little to no personality and seem like they could be replaced in a heartbeat.

The only exception to this is Choco, who never joins in any of the battles but follows the main cast along their journey. Choco breaks the 4th wall with her running gags and often tells the audience what the show is missing, and what could be improved. While this is amusing at times, it’s often a reminder of how lacking the show actually is.

While the art style is colourful and playful enough to keep you entertained enough to watch each new episode, the repetitive nature of the show can be excruciatingly monotonous. While Last Period is built around the idea of an RPG game, with reused assets and often duplicated quests with different names, it feels lazy to have gone this direction for the show.

Last Period: The Journey to the end of the Despair is by no means a terrible show, and I’d recommend it as something to kill time, only taking up 20min of your week. That said it’s clear that it’s not going to be one of those long time running shows, probably only airing for another dozen or so episodes.

Each episode is hit or miss when it comes to the humour, but there’s enough of it to occasionally warrant a giggle or two. Last Period: The Journey to the end of the Despair is available to watch on Crunchyroll on Wednesdays at 6:00pm SAST.