Nvidia announce the RTX 3070 Ti and 3080 Ti

If buying a new Graphics Card in 2021 wasn’t a hard enough task, Nvidia just announced two more GPUs to their lineup of RTX 3000 Series GPUs. While the obvious statement would likely be that these cards are going to be overpriced and understocked world wide due to global shortages on components, issues with global shipping and mining playing a big role, it might actually not end up playing out how we expect.

Both cards have the recently announced Lite Hash Rate Etherium limiter that promises to lower the hash rate of the GPUs to make them less desirable to the greasy hands of crypto miners. While this MAY help with stock availability it’s likely not going to change much in the case of inflated prices and sculpers ruining the experience for the average gamer, just like every other hardware component related to gaming that’s launched in the past year.

The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti should be available from 3rd June 2021 for an MSRP of $1199 (we will believe it when we see it) and the RTX 3070 Ti should be available from 10th June for $599. Until we can actually get our hands on these cards and see some local pricing we hope that Nvidia actually sticks to their word and doesn’t “accidently” release a mining-friendly driver update, something that absolutely killed the chances of the RTX 3060 being a “gaming” card as it has been attractive to miners due to simple workarounds.